CITYNET Yokohama Project Office


CITYNET Yokohama Project Office was set up as an office to provide services to CITYNET members starting 2013 when CITYNET Secretariat relocated from the City of Yokohama to Seoul Metropolitan City. Every year projects and capacity building programs are conducted with member cities and organizations in topics including Disaster Risk Reduction, Education, Environment, and Public Health among others. 

  1. Projects and Programs
    Based on members’ needs, the office contributes to the knowledge sharing which may lead to potential solutions to the urban challenges, by sharing Japanese cities’ and organisations’ technical as well as non-technical knowledge and expertise. 
  2. Trainings, Site visits, Seminars
    Based on members’ needs, the office implements trainings, workshops, study visits and seminars in Japan and abroad for capacity building purposes which incorporate the public sector, private sector and the communities.
  3. International Publicity
    The office disseminates information globally from Yokohama and Seoul offices, through various sources and participates in global seminars and conferences for strengthening networking as well as partnerships.