Intern Profile


Yuki Imaizumi, Meiju Gakuin University

Ms. Imaizumi finds every session at CYO inspirational and fruitful, and is looking forward to reflect the lessons she learned to her research. Also, in terms of working international, this experience provides her with a good opportunity to reconsider what kind of efforts she needs to do in the future. “Thank you for your confidence with me, and I am really thankful to be able to join this community.”


Erina Iso, Kokugakuin University

Ms. Iso is a junior at Kokugakuin University in the department of foreign languages and culture studies. Through this internship at CYO, she got to know many ongoing projects about Disaster Risk Reduction not only in Japan but also in some other countries. Also, she learned importance of sharing knowledge and information about disaster prevention among cities in order to combat natural disaster. She wishes to apply what she learned at CYO to her studies at university and learn more about disaster risk management.

Ichiro Mozawa, Yokohama National University

Mr. Mozawa is a junior at Yokohama National University currently pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Arts in European History and in Postwar Japanese History. While interning at CITYNET, he was able to learn the importance of educating the community about natural disasters. With the experiences gained here at CITYNET, he hopes to work at an international organization educating and preserving history and culture in the future.

Rasheedah White, University of Victoria

Ms. White is a fourth year student at the University of Victoria completing a Bachelors of Arts in British History with a minor in Pacific and Asian Studies. Her interest in modern day japan centres around the impact globalization has on the nations public policy. While aspiring to become an immigration lawyer, she wishes to examine the attribution disaster and urbanization has had on the displacement of individuals. She is excited for the opportunity to apply her studies and be a part of CITYNET, a multinational organization.

Lina Mochizuki , University of Oregon

I am currently a senior at the University of Oregon pursuing a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Environmental Studies, International Relations, and Japanese, and minoring in East Asian Studies. I aspire to produce innovative and creative solutions to environmental challenges and promote them effectively through various media platforms. With my time here at CITYNET Yokohama, I am excited to expand my knowledge on the various factors that affect disaster risk reduction and to explore the best practices in disaster preparedness.

Akiha Suzuki, Meiji Gakuin University

I am a 4th year student in Meiji Gakuin University with a major in Public Administration and Developmental Policies. My specific focus is on “Community-based Inclusive Development Policies” and I am going to get Master’s degree on this academic field in the U.K. Working at CYO is such a great opportunity for a person like me who aims to work an international organization in the future.  This experience gives me a broad perspective every time I work, and I am sure there is still possibility that I can learn more from this organization.  I am thankful to be able to contribute to city-to-city corporation and  to the disaster prevention programs.



web-versionNatsu Hatakeyama, Kyoto University

Ms. Hatakeyama is a first year Master’s student majoring in Global Environmental Policy at the Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Kyoto University. Her interest in the influence of city-to-city networks and global environmental issues drove her to work as an intern for CYO. She will be in the office until the end of January, 2017.

Kathryn McGrath, University of Victoria

Ms. McGrath will be working with CYO until October. Next year she is graduating from the University of Victoria with an Honours degree in Pacific and Asian Studies and a minor in Business. She has had a longstanding interest in the Asia-Pacific region and speaks both Japanese and Korean. She is especially interested in exploring how local government, policy, capacity building, and community involvement interact in the creation of safe and sustainable urban spaces. She is also interested in international co-operation and is excited to be involved with projects in which various countries work together to develop, implement and share best practices. She is very grateful to work with CITYNET and be able to apply the skills she gained through her degree to make a difference in the world while continuing to learn from experienced professionals.


Akane Inaba, Ferris University

Ms. Inaba is a sophomore at Ferris University in the Division of Global and Inter-cultural Studies and specializes in Spanish and American politics. She is a member of CITYNET Youth Japan and is interested in international cooperation and disaster education. She is looking forward to learning more about CITYNET projects and how she can help people in need. She wishes to share the knowledge she gains from this experience to members of CITYNET Youth Japan.

Tabatha PhotoTabatha Donley, George Mason University

Ms. Donley is pursuing her B.A. in Global Affairs, with minors in Conflict Resolution/Analysis and Social Justice, at George Mason University in northern Virginia (U.S.). As a Japanese-American, she has a strong interest in the Asia-Pacific region, and has studied abroad in the Philippines, Cambodia, and Taiwan. At GMU, she is president of a student organization engaged in advocacy, awareness, and service projects for displaced populations such as refugees. She was impressed by and drawn to CITYNET’s commitment to capacity-building and sustainable development, and looks forward to the new knowledge and experiences this internship will bring.

SophiaSophia Mayen, University of Victoria

Ms. Mayen will be a part of CYO for the next four months. She originally comes from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and is studying Geography with a concentration in Geomatics at UVic. She was a member and president of the international development association at her university, which focused largely on south eastern Africa.  Her interests are rooted in international development and environmental awareness which drew her to this office. She wishes to apply her skills outside of the classroom and learn from expert professionals in project management and disaster preparedness.  She is excited to learn more about community collaboration from CITYNET’s ongoing projects and how they can be applied world-wide.

Karen PhotoKaren Fukui, Meiji Gakuin University

Ms. Fukui is working as an intern at CYO and comes from Meiji Gakuin University where she is a first year student. Growing up in the U.S. she took strong interest in international development issues and currently helps translating and editing documents at the office and assisting in organising events.

maria-sanMaria B. K. Dewi, (Indonesia) University of Tokyo

Ms. Dewi is a doctoral student in Department of Urban Engineering, the University of Tokyo. Her current research field is in community participation and community-based disaster preparedness and recovery. Her task in CITYNET internship is researching about the prospective cities’ disaster risk and involved NGOs and designing project proposal for community-based Disaster Risk Reduction program.

kawamura-sanHiromi Kawamura, Meiji Gakuin University

I major in Sociology and especially study the poverty and the multicultural coexistence.I enrolled the internship of CYO, because I am interested in the projects for the developing countries and how CYO implement them in these countries. I recognized the way of sustainable supports to suit developing countries’ needs and culture through the project of “Community Based Adaptation and Resilience Against Disasters (CBARAD)” in the Philippines.

duongsanDuong Thi Thuy Nguyen, Hanoi Foreign Trade University

I’m a new graduate student with a major in International Finance from Hanoi Foreign Trade University. An internship with CYO immediately caught my attention because it is an opportunity to learn about creating a project step-by-step, from issues research to implementation. This experience will also challenge and familiarize me with an international working environment. I also take interest in the fact that CYO’s activities focus primarily on critical urban issues in developing countries in Asia Pacific, such as Vietnam – my home country. The experiences I gain from CYO will no doubt support me effectively in my future plan to work in NGO sector because it will deepen my knowledge in project management.

IMG_3756Kylie Pettifer, University of Victoria, Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives

I am studying Geography and Business at UVic. I was drawn to CYO because I am very interested in the role of cities as agents of change and wanted to learn more about the network model that CITYNET uses to connect people and ideas across Asia and the Pacific. As an international NGO working on a grassroots project basis, working with CYO is an incredible opportunity to see the integration of large and small scales of action on powerful issues like climate change and disaster risk reduction. I am excited to learn more about project management, social justice, and urban development while using my skills and background to help continue CYO’s great work building community resilience and collaboration.

IMG_3755Rachel Covington, Temple University Japan

I attend Temple University Japan in Tokyo and my major is political science. I want to intern at CITYNET Yokohama because the work it does seems very interesting and helpful to society. This will also allow for an experience of what it can be like being at an NGO, which can help with future career decisions.

sakainosanYoshiaki Sakaino, Yokohama National University

I am a student majoring in international economics at the Yokohama National University. When I received the offer for this internship, I was very surprised because I did not imagine that I could work for an international organization. Throughout this internship, I would like to try translation work and support the international conference.

IMG_4972 reviceNicola Craig Hora, University of Victoria, Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives

I am a fourth year Pacific and Asian Studies student at the University of Victoria. My focus is on Japanese Studies and I will be writing my Honours Thesis on how Japanese society is dealing with the issues that have arisen as a result of urbanization and the increasing dependence on urbanized spaces in Japan. I grew up in Toronto, Canada’s largest city, this sparked my interest in the social effects that urbanization has on global populations. CITYNET’s vision of “people-friendly cities” is what attracted me to their Yokohama office. I look forward to learning about how CITYNET works with different urban stakeholders to address sustainability issues on a local level.

e-news photo reviceAlexander Rechberger,Temple University Japan

My name is Alexander Rechberger and I’m from Austria. I am a political science major in my fifth semester and currently a study abroad student at Temple University Japan. I picked CITYNET because I want to gain experience in the field of political science outside the classroom and CITYNET offers me a perfect environment to learn about city development in the Asia-Pacific region.

alanahAlanah Nasadyk, University of Victoria, Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives

Thanks to CYO, I had the chance to turn interests in the Asia-Pacific and sustainable development into tangible contributions through proposal writing, report editing, and design. I saw how an international organization operates on a daily basis, and how they carry out projects to help address issues like the need for disaster preparedness in vulnerable cities. The insight working with CITYNET has given me into its many partner cities throughout Asia, and their initiatives for empowering citizens to make change on the local level has been a great inspiration. I plan to take this inspiration and the skills I’ve been building back to Canada to share through my future work. I hope that in time I can visit some of the other countries that CITYNET cooperates with to deepen my learning and perspective on challenges facing our interconnected global community.

marinaMarina Suzuki, Temple University, Japan Campus

I am an International Affairs major at Temple University Japan with a minor in Political Science. My primary focus is on environmental issues and energy politics. Currently, I am interesed in how different stakeholders influence foreign policy and the changing political climate of Asian-Pacific regional security. I look forward to gaining a broader view and deepening my knowledge about East Asian multilateral cooperation through this internship at CITYNET Yokohama Project Office.

mizukiMizuki Tsukada, Yokohama City University

I am studying international issues and techniques of international cooperation at Yokohama City University. I took on this internship at CITYNET Yokohama Project Office because I wanted to know how the international organization contributes to other countries. My tasts at the office include translating reports from English into Japanese and preparing for an international conference. I am also learning new things related to disaster prevention and risk reduction as well as the issues connected to the topic.

seanSean Grisdale,  University of Victoria, Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives

I was drawn to this internship with CYO by an interest in both global issues and bottom-up, community based development. I am interested in learning and experiencing the workings of the international NGO sector, especially organizational processes of project research, coordination of funding and implementation, and public outreach and media relations.I know that my experiences here will be a once-in-a-lifetime addition to my continuing education in critical urban development while also informing a potential career i the NGO sector or academia.

masonMason Beninger, Temple University, Japan Campus

I am interning at CYO because I want to learn how a project is created: from the specific need in an affected community around the world, to the written proposal and implementation. I am also interested about the interactions between NGOs and government in coordinating aid, information and expertise. The knowledge I gain here will assist me in my future education as a business student and my career goal of working as a market researcher.


hanaHana Ashida, Yokohama National University

I am studying about International Development at the Department of Human Science, Yokohama National University. During my period as an intern, I studied deeply about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and it gave me valuable experience. After my internship, I would like to join some activities or projects to offer assistance to developing countries.

hirokiHiroki Takayama, Wako University

I am studying Social Issues in Southeast Asia at the Department of Transcultural Studies, Wako University. I am interested in Development, Economic Disparity and Social Issues. One of the classes introduced us to the CITYNET Yokohama Project Office and I applied to be an intern in the office. I would like to study more during my period here.

makoMako Tsukamoto, Keio University

I am studying Economic Policy and Business Cooperation between countries in Southeast Asia and Japan at Keio University. During my internship at CITYNET Yokohama Project Office, I mainly support public relations. However, I would like to try various things during my time with CYO.

kalieKalie Mackey, Temple University, Japan Campus

My time working with CITYNET gave me the opportunity to learn, not only about Japan, but also about much of Asia from a perspective that I would not otherwise have had if I had not decided to work there. CITYNET gave me the chance to understand the types of issues that Japan and other Asian countries are faced with, and witness how many governments and organizations can come together to work with one another on them – a type of networking I was impressed by and surprised to see! Being an intern at CITYNET has given me the ability to look at cities and cultures in a new light, a tool that I have been happy to bring back to America and introduce to my studies.