Mr. Nobuyuki Onozaki, Head of CITYNET Yokohama Project Office

Mr. Onozaki brings in the experience of working at a local government for over 30 years. He feels that the field of disaster, which CYO has been engaged in, is one of the top priority issues that cities have to deal with. His mission to help cities become more resilient so that its residents can live safely by maximizing wisdom and human resources to address various challenges they face.

While at CITYNET, Mr. Onozaki wishes to contribute to the further prosperity of member cities, companies and organisations by deepening the connections and collaborations.


Mr. Kendra Hirata, Director, Programs

Mr. Kendra Hirata has worked in both the private and public sectors for several years conducting trainings and managing of development projects. His previous experience includes leading a Japanese non-profit organisation, conducting projects in developing countries, as well as several years of living and working in both developed and developing regions. He brings a balanced perspective and has passion for developmental works. He previously worked for the CITYNET Secretariat in Yokohama and was assigned to his new position upon the Secretariat’s relocation to Seoul. He continues to provide his expertise and plays an advisory role to city leaders by developing meaningful projects and capacity building programs on DRR, Education, Environment, and Public Health in the Asia-Pacific region.


Ms. Yukiko Kudou, Director, Administrations

Ms. Yukiko Kudou has been dispatched to CityNet Yokohama Project Office from April 2020.  She joined the City of Yokohama in 2004 and since then has worked in offices concerning legal affairs, gender equality, and family registry. She has a strong interest in contributing to development works through CityNet and learning more about the actual needs and conditions of CityNet members. She has a Master’s degree in International Law.



Ms. Sachiko Ohtake, Accounting Staff

Ms. Sachiko Ohtake’s long experience with managing CITYNET accounts and finances has been a vital contribution and continues to be an asset to the office.