Dissemination of information by distribution of a leaflet for fifth graders

A. Case Study Overview

1. Activity/ Project Title:
Dissemination of information by distribution of a leaflet for fifth graders
2. Themes:
Climate Change
3. Summary:  

Preparation and distribution of leaflets to all fifth-grade students in all public municipal elementary schools, so they can learn about the mechanism and influence of global warming, and the activities etc. of COOL CHOICE※, a national movement led by the Ministry of the Environment. The leaflet is designed for use mainly as educational material in integrated studies and homework during winter vacation.

※HP (JP only) : Ministry of the environment


4. Sector:
City : Yokohama Climate Change Policy Headquarters
5. Implementation Period:

Since 2017 –

6. Project Site :
Distribution to elementary schools in Yokohama
7. Stakeholders&Partners:

B. Objective:

8. Objectives:
To increase the ranks of youth who learn about the global warming mechanism and influence, COOL CHOICE approaches, etc., and who can think and take action themselves to fight global warming.

C. Activities

9. /Activities:

Every year, from about three to four months are spent on the flow of work consisting of: 1) examination of contents, 2) design and editing work, 3) printing, and 4) distribution to elementary schools. In making the examination of contents, we receive advice from members of the board of education to see that the leaflet information will be suitable for and appealing to fifth graders. Every year, the leaflet is distributed to all fifth graders in all of the elementary schools established by Yokohama Municipal Government (specifically, about 35,000 copies are distributed to about 340 schools). It is put to extensive use in the integrated study period and in homework assignments for winter vacation.
It should also be noted that subsidies from the national government are received for its preparation.

D. Challenges and solutions:

10. Challenges and solutions:

Preparation requires the exercise of ingenuity to create contents and a makeup that induce the children to notice things themselves and take action on a continuous basis with true interest and concern. Owing to the nature of the project as one of leaflet distribution, it is difficult to make a quantified measurement of the effects as regards actual use of the leaflet.

E. Outcomes and Impacts:

11. Outcomes&Impacts:

The leaflet has contents and a makeup that not only assist the acquisition of knowledge but also prompt students to get information on the mechanism and influence of global warming by themselves, as well as to think about action they can take, and to take such action. It is therefore linked to the transformation of behavior among the youth who will be tomorrow’s leaders. We believe an even bigger effect can be obtained if the leaflet leads to thought and action involving the whole family in addition to the elementary school student.

F. Budget:

12. Budget:

About 200,000 JPY per year (for printing only; the expense for outsourced design was incurred only in the initial fiscal year and amounted to 100,000 JPY)

13. Source:
City expenditures (1/4), national subsidies (3/4)