Fee-based volunteer program: Chokotto Volunteers

A. Case Study Overview

1. Activity/ Project Title:
Fee-based volunteer program: Chokotto Volunteers (life support volunteers)
2. Themes:
3. Summary:  

Under this program, local residents provide support for households with aged or disabled members, parents raising young children, and others in need, with tasks such as taking out garbage and weeding gardens, on a volunteer basis.

4. Sector:
Others : Voluntary group
5. Implementation Period:

Since 2012 –

6. Project Site :
The Saedo-Kagahara district of Tsuzuki Ward
7. Stakeholders&Partners:
・Saedo-Kagahara District Council of Social Welfare
・Kagahara Area Care Plaza
・Tsuzuki-ku Council of Social Welfare

B. Objective:

8. Objectives:
A resident-led program to support the resolution of difficulties faced by the aged, disabled, and parents raising young children.

C. Activities

9. /Activities:

This program provides support for the aged, disabled, parents raising young children, and others with tasks that would be difficult for them to perform (by doing things such as taking out garbage, weeding gardens, and going shopping for them).

The procedure for utilizing the program is as follows: 1) consultation with the Chokotto Volunteer coordinator, 2) confirmation by the coordinator of the type of support desired, 3) purchase of a use ticket, 4) referral to a volunteer by the coordinator.

As a general rule, the beneficiary pays a fee of 500 yen for an hour’s worth of volunteer activities.

D. Challenges and solutions:

10. Challenges and solutions:

As compared to the number of people desiring support, there are not enough people registered for volunteer activities.

E. Outcomes and Impacts:

11. Outcomes&Impacts:
  • This case has been spread to other wards. Due to the need for activities, four other groups of volunteers have been established in Tsuzuki Ward and are engaged in activity.

F. Budget:

12. Budget:

About 50,000 JPY

13. Source:
Tsuzuki Ward Fureai Subsidies (a subsidization program established by the Tsuzuki-ku Council of Social Welfare)