【ITTO】Support forest fire management in Indonesia and Peru

A. Case Study Overview

1. Activity/ Project Title:
Support forest fire management in Indonesia and Peru
2. Themes:
3. Summary:  

Improving fire management is increasingly urgent in the tropics, as shown by recent devastating fires in Borneo, the Amazon and elsewhere.

4. Sector:
Organization : Others : Indonesia, Peru
5. Implementation Period:

Since Jun.2020 -

6. Project Site :
Indonesia, Peru
7. Stakeholders&Partners:
Indonesia, Peru

B. Objective:

8. Objectives:
To help empower women in Togo through forest restoration

C. Activities

9. /Activities:


D. Challenges and solutions:

10. Challenges and solutions:

The uncontrolled use of fire—aggravated by drought conditions and heatwaves—is a major cause of forest loss and degradation in Borneo and the Amazon. Reducing the incidence of wildfire requires effective fire prevention and management as well as mechanisms for rapid fire response. The two new projects1 will use integrated, participatory approaches to build capacity in fire prevention and management and help improve early-warning systems. Both projects, with a combined value of USD 2.2 million, are being funded as part of the Japanese Government’s emergency assistance for the effective management of forest fires in the tropics.

E. Outcomes and Impacts:

11. Outcomes&Impacts:

Improved fire prevention and management and early-response protocols; improved firefighting capacity; the installation of efficient early-warning and fire monitoring systems; effective coordination and synergies among stakeholders in combating and preventing forest fires; and increased public awareness of fire management.

F. Budget:

12. Budget:

¥260,000,000 (USD 2,500,000)

13. Source:
ITTO (Government of Japan), SERFOR, Indonesia MoEF, DFLFM