Program for commendation of excellent waste collection sites

A. Case Study Overview

1. Activity/ Project Title:
Program for commendation of excellent waste collection sites
2. Themes:
3. Summary:  

Tsuzuki Ward has 3,800 sites for collection of waste from households. This is a program for commendation of sites which are excellent in terms of the state of management and cleaning activities by residents.

4. Sector:
City : Tsuzuki Ward Administration Office
5. Implementation Period:

Since 2018 –

6. Project Site :
All districts of Tsuzuki Ward
7. Stakeholders&Partners:
Tsuzuki Office, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau, City of Yokohama

B. Objective:

8. Objectives:
The program covers all of the sites where local residents put waste out for collection, and provides for widespread commendation of those that are excellent in respect of the state of management and energetic activities by the residents using them. It helps to heighten motivations for beautification activities on the part of residents.
It also may be anticipated to have various other effects. Besides the creation of urban space for more pleasant living, these include a rise in the sense of ownership of local resources among the residents and increased communication by them on waste issues.

C. Activities

9. /Activities:

Sites for collection of household waste are used by all local residents, regardless of occupation or age. They are one of the places that are indispensable for the maintenance of clean urban space.

In Yokohama’s case, much of the management of these sites is left to the residents. The association of local residents using the site (or an environmental project promotion officer commissioned by the mayor of Yokohama) is responsible for designating the site location, building a related consensus among neighboring residents, and maintaining the site.

Sites are designated as excellent ones through the following sequence of steps: 1) recommendation by the aforementioned officer or association, 2) confirmation of the site status by the Tsuzuki office of the Yokohama Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau, and 3) performance of the commendation process.

D. Challenges and solutions:

10. Challenges and solutions:

None in particular.

E. Outcomes and Impacts:

11. Outcomes&Impacts:
  • 88 waste collection sites have been commended for their excellence (of the total of 3,800 sites in the ward).
  • The local residents using the commended waste collection sites are given a sticker indicating the commendation and a certificate of commendation. The sticker is affixed to the site.
  • A ceremony is held for presentation of the certificate and sticker by the head of the Tsuzuki office of the Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau. The ceremony also spreads knowledge of the program among residents in the district.

F. Budget:

12. Budget:

47,005 JPY

13. Source:
General revenue in the city of Yokohama