【CYO】 Virtual Visit to Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Centre

A. Case Study Overview

1. Activity/ Project Title:
【CYO】Virtual Visit to Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Centre
2. Themes:
Disaster, SDGs
3. Summary:  

As a part of an online forum on Strengthening Good Local Governance towards Sustainable and Resilient Filipino Communities organized by the Local Government Academy of the Philippines, CityNet Yokohama Project Office (CYO) developed a virtual visit to Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center (YDRRLC) for the participants to experience the facility virtually and gain understanding on various disaster prevention activities undertaken in Japan.

4. Sector:
Organization : CITYNET Yokohama Project Office
5. Implementation Period:

Since September 2020~

6. Project Site :
Yokohama City
7. Stakeholders&Partners:
YDRRLC, Yokohama Fire Bureau

B. Objective:

8. Objectives:
Produce a short introductory video about YDRRLC for an online forum

C. Activities

9. /Activities:

The following were the activities to develop the virtual tour:

  • Shooting of the video onsite
  • Each section of the facility was carefully explained by YDRRLC guide
  • Editing and translating of the video including putting subtitles
  • Sharing the video to more than 500 participants at the online forum

D. Challenges and solutions:

10. Challenges and solutions:

Video production was conducted using ordinary home video camera therefore lighting and sound was affected. Time limitation to produce the video also made it difficult to develop a high-quality material. As there was no budget allocation particularly for this production, some technical adjustments had to be compromised.
Live-streaming of the visit to the facility would have been more exciting but stable internet and Wi-Fi connectivity will have to be secured and tested in advance.

E. Outcomes and Impacts:

11. Outcomes&Impacts:

This was the first virtual tour conducted at YDRRLC. Although not live streamed, participants were able to sense the practical aspects of
the activities conducted in the facility on various hazards including earthquake, flood and fire. The outreach was significant as the forum was online and even without coming to Japan, international visitors were able to get the virtual experience of how awareness raising and disaster prevention education is conducted at YDRRLC using various gadgets and equipment.
CYO and YDRRLC aims to further improve on the video so that future visitors may also experience the facility without coming to Japan. As study visits to various such facilities used to be popular among international participants prior to the pandemic, re-designing the training courses to use virtual technology may have to be adopted ore often to continue the knowledge exchange process.

F. Budget:

12. Budget:

Conducted as a part of general office activity for members.

13. Source: