Disaster Risk Reduction

CITYNET Yokohama Project Office supports the SDGs

Project Name

Community Based Adaptation and Resilience Against Disasters (CBARAD)

Project Framework

JICA Partnership Program This project was implemented as a JICA Partnership Program with the City of Yokohama.

Project Location

Philippines, Iloilo city

Project Timeframe

Phase 1 July 2012 – March 2015 Phase 2 march 2015-March 2017

Project Summary

The City of Iloilo is the regional centre of Western Visayas and is located on the southern shores of Panay Island. Iloilo City has suffered flood damages due to its geographic location which lies on the plains of the mouth of the rivers. Projects funded by the Japanese government through Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) fundamentally upgraded the city’s resilience against floods by constructing river floodways and broadening the rivers. In addition, Iloilo City, supported by JICA, drew hazard maps with the participation of the communities to promote risk reduction. However, measurable outputs of the community-based adaption and resiliency activities against floods are yet to be achieved in addition to enhancing the roles of the communities. On the other hand, the City of Yokohama had been experiencing similar damages caused by typhoons and heavy rain. However by installing adequate infrastructure and preparing appropriate hazard maps made by the city and community members, they have been successful in decreasing the amount of damage. CITYNET Yokohama Project Office and the city of Yokohama are capable and ready to support the City of Iloilo to enhance Community Based Adaptation and Resiliency Against Disasters by utilizing their experience in disaster risk reduction in cooperation with communities. This project was implemented was implemented as a JICA Partnership Program. Partners

Project Objective

Phase 1 Increase capacity in disaster management in 5 model districts (districts located along rivers that are especially vulnerable to water-related disasters) Phase 2 Increase capacity in disaster management of the City of Iloilo by strengthening collaboration and cooperation between local authorities, socially vulnerable groups (people with disabilities, elderlies) and academic organizations.

Main Activities

Phase 1
  • Implementation of disaster prevention drills
  • Development of hazard maps/evacuation maps for floods
  • Making emergency toilets barrier-free and installing disaster risk prevention equipment and facilities
  • Implementation of disaster preparedness education toward children
Phase 2
  • Strengthening of the Crisis Management Office/Committee capacity, reorganization of the Crisis Management Office/Committee, implementation of simulation exercises, emergency transport drills
  • Strengthening of response to vulnerable groups in disasters, profiling vulnerable groups in communities, implementing a short film contest with the theme of “vulnerable groups and disasters”
  • Strengthening collaboration of the academic sector in disaster preparedness related activities, signing of MOU between setting-up the disaster awareness raising facility the “KABALAKA Gallery”, implementing a leadership camp in disaster preparedness education the “KABALAKA Camp”
  • Training on how to manage emergency evacuation facilities

  • Site visit to Yokohama City’s warehouse for disaster risk prevention purposes

  • During the simulation exercise


  • Disaster prevention drill during Phase 1 (2014)

  • Phase 2


  • CBARAD I Completion Report

  • CBARAD II Completion Report

  • CBARAD II Summary Report