Climate Change /Environment

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Project Name

Student Based Sustainable and Proactive Environmental Education

Project Site

Colombo City, Galle City, Sri Lanka

Project Timeframe

June 2014~April 2016

Project Summary

Colombo City and Galle City are both rapidly urbanizing centers in Sri Lanka, and they have been tackling issues in air pollution and the environmental damages it has been causing. To protect the regions’ biodiversity, awareness raising environmental protection is becoming a major issue. On the other hand, school curriculums place a heavy emphasis on learning from text books and lack hands-on learning experiences to learn about the natural environment. This project aims to introduce environmental education conducted by elementary schools in Yokohama City, and provide school children in Sri Lanka with new types of learning experiences.

*This project was funded by the CITYNET fund, which was established during the “7th International Conference on Solid Waste Management” held in Yokohama in October 1996, with the purpose to solve environmental problems in Asian cities.

Project Partners:NPO Tsurumi Ryuiki Network



Local Counterpart

Colombo City : SEVANATHA Urban resource Centre
Galle City : Human and Environmental Link Progressive Organization(HELP-O)

Project Objectives

  1. Provision of environmental education programs in the topics of biodiversity
  2. Communicating the necessity of conservation of the local natural environment by making it a learning target of the children
  3. Awareness raising in environmental issues toward local residents through local elementary schools

Main Activities

78 students and 8 teachers from Galle City (1 school) and Colombo City (3 schools) participated in the following activities:

  • Introduction to environmental education
  • Investigation and mapping of local natural environment by students


Student Based Sustainable and Pro-Active Enviromental Education

Project Report

  • Project Report (Summary, Japanese) First phase

  • Project Report (Summary, Japanese) Second phase

  • Project Report (Summary, English) Second phase

  • Project Report (Summary, English) Second phase

  • Investigation Report (English)