Disaster Risk Reduction

CITYNET Yokohama Project Office supports the SDGs

Project Name

Training on Structural and Seismic Engineering C2C on Post-earthquake support on reconstruction

Project Framework

This project is conducted under the terms of the Memorandum of Agreement between the City of Yokohama, Kathmandu Metropolitan City and CITYNET Yokohama Project Office.

Project Location

Kathmandu, Nepal

Project Timeframe

March 2016 – December 2018 (provisional)

Project Summary

The Gorkha Earthquake which occurred on the 25th of April 2015, caused widespread damage in Nepal, including its capital Kathmandu. As a member of CITYNET, Municipal Association of Nepal (MuAN) requested CITYNET Secretariat for the dispatch of experts from Seoul and Yokohama City to help with the technical assessment and consultation toward the establishment of recovery plans. The assessment was realized in July 2015. Based on this assessment, the City of Yokohama, Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) and CITYNET Yokohama Project Office signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) in 2016 to support the reconstruction efforts of KMC. This project implements technical trainings in inspection and quality control to support the “build back better” initiatives in Nepal by conducting trainings for civil engineers and architects working for Kathmandu Metropolitan City and other earthquake effected municipalities.

Project Objective

To implement capacity building programs and trainings for KMC engineers and to support the ‘Build-back-better’ initiatives of KMC

Main Activities

During the 3 years indicated in the MOU (2016-2018), conduct 3 trainings annually (dispatch of experts to Kathmandu or reception of trainees in Yokohama)
Time Location Theme
 March 2016  Yokohama city Lectures (presentations): Content of Building Confirmation System, Concept of seismic engineering, violation countermeasures, retrofitting of buildings, seismic isolation devices by private companies)
Site visits: Red Brick Building, Minatomirai District, Public housings
June 2016 Kathmandu City Lectures (presentations) : Structural engineering, earthquake resistance concepts, suggestions of housing for reconstruction
Site visit: Kathmandu City Hall and its seismic assessment, various construction sites
November 2016 Kathmandu City Lectures (presentations):Content of Building Standards Law, Yokohama’s initiatives in violation countermeasures, Design and construction in steel structures, characteristics and construction techniques in wooden structures
Site visit: LGS Model House, National Heritage Village
March 2017 Yokohama city Lectures (presentations):Yokohama’s initiatives in integration of disaster risk reduction in uban planning, management of the architecture bureau, quality control in public construction, seismic isolation device, violation countermeasures, awareness raising activities for community
Site visit: Yokohama Creative City Centre, city hall seismic isolation device, construction site of elementary school, steel factory, Regeneration example of a residential district Smart-wellness Pavilion (cooperation by NICE Corporation)
July 2017 Kathmandu city Lectures (presentations): Cautionary points for RC structures in japan, examples of retrofitting RC structures in Japan, Inspection and building permit process in Japan, Contract framework on construction in Japan, Urban planning and resiliency, inspection of buildings in the construction process, Localization of Japanese techniques and expertise, examples of good practices in Nepal
Workshops:improvement of inspection process
Site visit: Construction site of RC residential building
November 2017 Kathmandu city Lectures (presentations):Comparison of construction process in Nepal and Japan
Workshops to discuss the improvement of quality control and inspection process during construction in Nepal
Site visit: Construction site of RC school building
March 2018 Yokohama city Lectures (presentations): Quality control of public construction, inspection of private constructions, overview of urban planning of Yokohama, awareness raising initiatives and educational materials for the general public
Workshops: Improvement of quality control in public buildings, tools to raise awareness among house owners and general public
Site visits: Construction site of Tokiwacho Apartment Building, construction site of Yokohama City Hall, Yokohama Municipal Disaster Prevention Learning Center
  • Explaining how Yokohama City was developed

  • Training session in Kathmandu

  • Expert explaining an inspection device at a construction site in Kathmandu


  • Training on Structural and Seismic Engineering 2016


  • 2016

  • 2017