Disaster Risk Reduction

CITYNET Yokohama Project Office supports the SDGs

Project Name

CITYNET Platform for Disaster Resiliency (CPDR)

Project Framework

This project was implemented as a joint project with the City of Yokohama, funded by the Council of Local authorities for International Relations grant.

Participating cities/organizations

  • Japan: City of Yokohama
  • Thailand: Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
  • Sri Lanka: Colombo Municipal Council
  • Philippines: City Government of Makati, City of Iloilo, Office of Civil Defense (OCD)
  • Bangladesh: Dhaka South City Corporation, Dhaka North City Corporation, Barisal City, Municipal Association of Bangladesh
  • Nepal: Butwal Sub-Metropolitan, Municipal Association of Nepal(MuAN)
  • Taiwan: Taipei
  • Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative (EMI)

Project Timeframe

April 2013 – march 2015

Project Summary

Asian cities have various needs in capacity building in the fields of disaster recovery and disaster preparedness, however trainings and expert distiches tend to be short-term. To compensate for this, the course platform provides a place where members can engage in discussion forums and share material among professionals from other member cities in addition to being able to take the necessary courses to further develop the capacity of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) personnel. In the long run, the platform is expected to act as a database of various practices and initiatives related to DRR.

Project Objective

Main activities

  • Needs investigation toward member cities
  • Organization of a meeting to prepare for the development of the online training course
  • Development of the course curriculum
  • Management of e-learning and monitoring of its effectiveness
  • Participants at the development meeting

  • Discussing platform content

  • Site visit (Yokohama City Fire Bureau)


  • Completion Report

  • Preparatory Meeting Report