Climate Change /Environment

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Project Name

Community Based Solid Waste Management Project
Promoting Integrated Community Driven Waste Free Green City in Galle.

Project Site

Galle City, Sri Lanka

Project Timeframe

August 2016 ~ January 2018

Project Summary

Galle City is a typical city in Sri Lanka, where environmental issues are becoming more prominent due to rapid urbanization. With the increase in population, 40-45 tons of rubbish are produced every day. As the city lacks sufficient land for proper landfills, therefore the rubbish is collected into a huge mountain. This has been polluting beaches, which are Galle’s most important tourist resource. To Given this background, Galle City aims to become a rubbish-free city by implementing community based solid waste management programs.

*This project was funded by the CITYNET fund, which was established during the “7th International Conference on Solid Waste Management” held in Yokohama in October 1996, with the purpose to solve environmental problems in Asian cities.

Local Counterpart

Human and Environmental Link Progressive Organization (HELP-O)

Project Objectives

Galle City aims to become a rubbish free city through community based projects, changing the way people think and connecting local partners to increase collaboration.

Main Activities

  • Awareness raising activities through educational seminars and posters for local residents.
  • Rubbish collection and separation initiatives in pilot areas.
  • Nurturing of Green Leaders.
  • Tree-planting and cleaning activities.
  • Investigating issues in waste collection with local residents

  • Participants in waste collecting carts and awareness raising campaigns

  • Waste separation


Report by expert in solid waste management (English)