Climate Change /Environment


CITYNET Yokohama Project Office supports the SDGs

Project Name

Community Based Solid Waste Management Project
Schoolchildren-Led Sustainable Materials Management in Rawalpindi-Islamabad, Pakistan

Project Site

パキスタン ラワルピンジー市・イスラマバード市

Project Timeframe

August 2016 ~ July 207

Project Summary

In the target project site, only about 50% of the rubbish is collected, and the rest is left along the riverside or in lowlands. This uncollected rubbish is scattered by scavengers and animals, leaving an unhygienic environment.

To improve this situation, elementary school students from 4 schools in the local area have started initiatives to clean up the rubbish and recycle resources that are thrown away. They have also been conducting awareness raising initiatives to workers at the local market and residents in the neighborhood.

*This project was funded by the CITYNET fund, which was established during the “7th International Conference on Solid Waste Management” held in Yokohama in October 1996, with the purpose to solve environmental problems in Asian cities.

Local Counterpart

Pakistan Institute for Environmental-Development Action Research(PIEDAR)

Project Objective

To educate and train school children in responsible consumption and production.

Main activities

  • Awareness raising activities in school
  • Awareness raising in environmental and solid waste management issues
  • Interviews toward local market employees and residents in the neighborhood
  • Interviews by students at local markets

  • Students weighing rubbish

  • Posters that students created to raise awareness in environmental issues