CITYNET Disaster Cluster


CITYNET Disaster Cluster was set-up in 2005 to reflect the growing needs in addressing disaster management across Asia-Pacific. In preceding years, the Asia-Pacific Region saw two large disasters: the 2004 Sumatra Earthquake, Indian Ocean Tsunami and the 2005 Kashmir Earthquake. These two devastations left more than 310,000 casualties in total, after which CITYNET members realised they could do more to address this priority area. The Cluster began with 20 members and has since grown to 37 as of May 2017.

Since its first Disaster Cluster meeting in 2007 held in Makati, CITYNET has been hosting annual meetings to discuss members’ needs and share knowledge in disaster management strategies. Makati led CITYNET Disaster Cluster for 6 years offering opportunities for technical exchanges, advocating CITYNET’s initiatives at the global level particularly with the UNISDR and directing the cluster to promote Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) initiatives for further knowledge exchange among the members. In 2013, cluster committees were reformed with the City of Yokohama selected as the lead city of the cluster while Makati continuing to remain as the co-lead of the cluster. Currently there are 37 members in CITYNET Disaster Cluster. This year in 2017, as CITYNET celebrates the Cluster’s 10th anniversary, it has seen changes in ways cities tackle disasters.

Activity Reports of Disaster Cluster (PDF)

CITYNET Disaster Cluster Seminar

CITYNET Disaster Cluster holds the Disaster Cluster Seminar every year to provide an opportunity for member cities and organisations to share knowledge and expertise in Disaster Risk Reduction.
The 2017 Seminar marks the 10th Anniversary since the beginning of the seminar, which is held in collaboration with The Technical Knowledge Exchange on Emergency Preparedness and Response (EP&R) organized by the World Bank Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Hub.

Information on the 10th CITYNET Disaster Cluster Seminar


2017 31 August  (Thu) to 3 September (Sun)

Host City

City of Yokohama, JAPAN

Anticipated participants

14 cities and 1 organisation (Includes CITYNET Member Cities/organizations, as of July 2017)


Please click here to see the seminar program (PDF)
*The program content is as of July 2017. The content is subject to change without notice.

Partners (tentative)

Disaster Cluster Seminars in the past

 Site Visit to emergency hydrants of Yokohama Waterworks B.(2015)

Site Visit to emergency hydrants of Yokohama Waterworks Bureau(2015 Yokohama)

Site Visit to Higashiyamata Fire Brigade in Tsuzuki Ward (2015)

Site Visit to Higashiyamata Fire Brigade in Tsuzuki Ward (2015 Yokohama)

9th CITYNET Disaster Cluster Seminar (2016 Taipei)

9th CITYNET Disaster Cluster Seminar (2016 Taipei)

Site visit to drainage canal (2016 Pinyin)

Site visit to Yuanshanzi Flood Channel  (2016 New Taipei)

Disaster Cluster Seminar Reports (PDF)