CITYNET Disaster Cluster

Disaster Cluster Seminar

1. Background

CITYNET’s Disaster Cluster is a group of pro-active cities in the Asia-Pacific concerned with reducing the risks associated with disaster in the region.

The Disaster Cluster originated from projects responding to the devastation left behind in the wake of the 2004 Sumatra Earthquake and Indian Ocean Tsunami, as well as the 2005 Kashmir Earthquake. Recognizing that more could be done to address disaster risk reduction in the region, the Disaster Cluster was established at the 2005 CITYNET Congress in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Since then, the Disaster Cluster has carried out numerous activities, projects, and meetings. Some of these include the reconstruction of a school in Pakistan, construction of community centers in Sri Lanka and Indonesia, and workshops as well as study visits to coordinate and share disaster management strategies between CITYNET member cities.

Makati led the cluster until November 2013, when the City of Yokohama was appointed as the lead city during the CITYNET Congress held in Seoul.

The Cluster started out with 20 members and since then, has grown to 31 as of May 2014.

2. Goal

Utilising CITYNET’s expansive network, the Disaster Cluster’s goal is to facilitate knowledge exchange, strategic planning, and city-to-city cooperation to enhance disaster resilience in the region and to address disaster risks as the frequency and intensity of extreme events increases, threatening more and more communities.

3. Projects & Activities

For further information on the projects, activities, and associated reports of the Disaster Cluster please follow these links: