Teacher Training on Early Childhood Education


Project Location: Lalitpur, Nepal.

1. Background

The Teacher Training on Early Childhood Education project was proposed by CITYNET Yokohama Project Office and is funded by the Toshiba International Foundation.

Nine schools from four municipalities in Nepal were selected as a pilot group and seventeen teachers from these schools participated in two workshops starting in June 2014. The four participating municipalities were Madhyapur, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City, and Kirtipur. The workshops were conducted in Lalitpur municipality, where teachers from surrounding areas gathered.

2. Project Goal

The aim of this project is to improve the teaching abilities of teachers in Nepal by introducing child-friendly education methods for young students. Another goal of the project is to introduce teachers in Nepal to Japanese culture to familiarize them with the educational system of Japan and to promote inter-cultural understanding.

3. Workshops

The workshop sessions focused on how child-centered education can be provided by schools and what parents as well as communities can do to provide the necessary environment for the growth of a child. They also allowed participants to understand how lesson planning and study can be done among schools to share knowledge, skills and methods of teaching, as is done in Japanese elementary schools.

The third and final workshop is expected to be held in late November or early December and is intended to focus on student outputs through the lessons learned from their teachers’ new set of skills. It is also expected to raise teacher’s awareness on how children’s attentiveness, eagerness, and feedback can be improved through innovative teaching methods.

4. Project Reports

For more information please read our Teacher Training on Early Childhood Education project reports.